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  Here are brief summaries of some of the projects I've worked on  
  Better Business Bureau  
  A complete brand new system for the Better Business Bureau, including web sites, database, services and Windows desktop applications.  
  School Photographs Online  
  A new concept for school photographs. One of the largest school photography studios needed a fresh, creative approach to offering students' portraits for purchase online by parents and family.  
  Law School Administration  
  Complete administrative package for a major college of law. Software used to register, track, and schedule students, print transcripts. Included web site, database and desktop functionality.  
  Manufacturing Process Control  
  Statistical Process Control system for a major manufacturer, running an automated factory. This advanced system monitored production for quality, and was adopted throughout the company as a new standard of excellence.  
  Some recent websites I've worked on:
Better Business Bureau
Kelly Hamilton
Classic School Portraits
Foto Vault
Schultz Architecture