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Senior Software Developer, Systems Architect

 Experience Summary
·        Advanced System Architecture and Design
·        Enterprise Application Design and Development
·        Database Architecture, Design, Development, Reporting
·        Client/Server, Internet, Intranet and Standalone Windows Applications
·        Manufacturing, Purchasing, Inventory, Financial, Consumer and International
·        Project Ownership, Project Lead, Technical Lead, Mentor and Trainer
·        Former Microsoft Employee
·        Management: Program Manager, Department Manager, Team Leader

·        .NET, C#, VB,ASP.Net, SQL Server, Web Services
·        Active Reports, Crystal Reports
·        Legacy Databases (Informix, Oracle, SQLBase, etc.)
·        .Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

·        Ability to Evaluate Users' Requirements and Create Innovative, Highly Effective and Efficient Solutions to Meet Business Needs
·        Skills for Rapid System Design, Development and Deployment
·        Many of my designs have been highly popular with users, and adopted by management and development teams as new company standards
·        Depth of my experience allows me to quickly develop solutions, avoid dead-ends, and work with diverse team members and personalities in a highly effective manner

Some Recent Projects

Customer: Gerardy Photography (2006 to Present)
Project: Total on-line shopping presence for nation-wide school photography
Technology: Dot Net, SQL Server 2000
Responsibilities: System Architecture, Design and Implementation.

Customer: Better Business Bureau (8/03 to Present)
Project: Complete rewrite of entire BBB software system.  Manage company records, consumer complaints, accounting, web site and arbitration.
Technology: Dot Net, SQL Server 2000
Responsibilities: System Architecture, Design and Implementation.

Customer: California Western School of Law (10/00 to Present)
Project: School Administration System and Database
System for law school administration: Admissions, scheduling classes, maintaining student records, reports and transcripts.  Interfaces and reports to other departments.
Technology:  .Net, Visual Basic 6, SQL Server 7/2000, ActiveReports, interfaces to many external systems, web pages
Responsibilities: Project Lead and Primary Developer.  Determine requirements with customer,  Specify, Design and Write everything from user interface to business and data layers, database architecture, create and implement database schema, stored procedures and on-line help, interface to web pages.

Customer: Hewlett-Packard (11/98 to 11/01)
Project: Enterprise-Wide Statistical Process Control System
Highly automated, high-volume factory, requiring extremely high quality control.
System to allow easily customizable Process Control monitoring, providing real-time information throughout the organization and to factories on other continents.  Successful design resulted in adoption as a standard throughout the entire corporation, supplanting all other local solutions.
Technology: VB 6, SQL Server 7/2000, Informix, Oracle, SQLBase, Intranet
Responsibilities: Technical consultant, Principal Architect.  Determine requirements, develop architecture, database and software design for SPC system.  Specify, Architect, Design and write code.  Database architecure and design.  After initial system, mentor new team members and participate in team-oriented development.  Train and hand project off to company programmers.

B.S.E.E., Electronic Engineering, UCLA ( Magna Cum Laude)
M.S.E.E., Electronic Engineering, UCLA